About Us

Hillmont Associates Inc. started Safety Group 524 in 1987, endorsed by Associated Transporters of NY Inc. We started this program knowing that every employer in New York State needs to provide Workers' Compensation Insurance coverage for its employees.

Here at Hillmont Associates Inc, we specialize in Workers' Compensation Insurance for the Transportation, Warehouseman and Messenger Industries. We understand the importance of excellent coverage at the LOWEST cost possible, and one of the best ways to achieve this is a membership with Associated Transporters of NY Inc. and Hillmont Associates Inc.

We are Safety GROUP 524.

We are different than other Safety Groups in many ways. We do not have a minimum premium to qualify. Some of our smaller group members are now some of the biggest ones. We are a small family owned and operated firm. We appreciate all of our clients and brokers we work with on a daily basis.

If your business is in the Trucking, Warehouseman and or Messenger Industries with New York based payroll, and you are committed to work place Safety, you may want to consider membership in our Safety Group Program.

Our program offers Upfront Discounts, Dividends, and Decreased Assessment Charges. We also have connections to others that can do experience modification reviews at no out of pocket expense to you. They only get paid from a portion of the savings they get you back.